S***t Storm

I swear that I am supposed to be learning something, but I certainly haven’t figured out what yet. Since I have last written a virtual torrent of crap has been raining down in my life.  Multiple (totaling over 10 at last count) lengthy life-threatening hospitalizations for my mom, dad and MIL, all with unnecessary, ugly

Dragging Anchor

I have been stricken with a cold as of late.  My major preoccupation is sleep, sleep and more sleep.  I tend to get very down on myself when I am not Productive, so depression then just adds to the misery.  In addition, my job requires me to be able to think clearly, which is a

The Power of Change

My parents may have had lots of faults (who doesn’t?), but they succeeded as parents in several respects; one of the most important being that they were able to change.  They changed more than once.  And they keep changing.  And with change I believe comes Hope. (Geez, with all the “hope” and “change,”  it sounds