About Me

Under the pen name of “Ruby,” I write about learning to embrace the life I have, while I slog about in the flotsam of grief for not achieving the life I wanted.  Jarring trauma and heartbreaking infertility and miscarriages ripped away some of what I so yearned for, and, yet, my life has also included amazing educational experiences, exhilarating careers in scientific research and teaching, buoying love and companionship, and the pleasures of traveling and exploring, hiking, running, sailing, camping, reading, creating, cooking, listening to and playing music, and writing—always writing.  My journal has been a constant companion since I was sixteen.  Writing allows me to record, reflect and maneuver.  Writing, along with reading, meditation and therapy, often reveals compelling insights that blindside a complacency I didn’t even know existed.  These revelations provide the clarity, relief and hope to propel me forward.  Blogging is a natural extension of journaling with added elements of connection, collaboration and sharing.  We are all in this together, and it is my earnest wish something here will ignite a spark of clarity for you too.