A day at the DMV

Yep, I took the day off from work to finally get a driver’s license from the state where I have resided now for over four years.  I put it off as long as I possibly could as my old out-of-state license will expire on Tuesday.  A small act of rebellion from your friend who is generally a Mrs. Goody-Two-Shoes rule follower.  I was once struck (color me stupid) by the number of people who allowed themselves to be bored out of their minds waiting.  For some folks it took over an hour for their bingo-like letter/number combo to be flashed and let them “win” a spot at the window for service.  Didn’t they know there would be long wait?  They didn’t plan something to do with the time to amuse themselves?  I don’t believe in being a willing victim of these sort of circumstances, and packed a notebook to journal in and sketch my compatriots.  After a while, I was wondering why I had put the whole experience off as long as I had.  Perhaps I victimized myself by fighting the requirement for four years…

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